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Schools have a lot of kids in a confined space for a long period of time.  We have specialized cleaning processes to help reduce absenteeism.  We also understand budgets.  We can kraft a plan that has us working 185 days a year instead of the traditional 265 days and save our clients a lot of money.  Feel free to cost compare us vs anyone else.

The spread of germs can occur anywhere, but schools have become known as their perfect feeding ground. From desks and door handles to restrooms and cafeteria tables, people are constantly coming into close contact with one another and contaminating surfaces throughout the day. Unfortunately, this can cause viruses and diseases to spread to children and their families in a rapid manner. More often than not, when one individual attends school sick, many other students may also report to be ill just a couple of days later. This can cause students and teachers to miss school for days, miss out on valuable education time, and fall behind on their work. A parent or student should not have to be concerned for their health while attending school, especially with the state that our world is currently in. Whether we are dealing with a COVID-19 outbreak or an influenza virus that has run rampant through your school, it is important to ensure that your school is cleaned in the manner that it deserves. A way that is best for your faculty and students and helps to prevent the future spread of disease. Using methods that not only clean the first initial layer of germs but sanitize and disinfect the surface.

​Here at Blink Facility Solutions, it is important to us to ensure that your school or daycare is ready for you to conquer the day. Using solutions that are safe for everyone, it is our objective that we help you maintain your facility clean based on your needs. Following EPA guidelines, we ensure that each area is cleaned the way that it deserves to be. By ensuring that kitchens are sanitized with the correct diluted solution that is food-safe to using disinfectants on other surfaces, every action that we take is made with your health in mind. This allows us to provide you with a service that keeps everyone safe and protected. Because when you maintain a facility that is sanitized and disinfected, you are promoting the health of students and faculty by providing them with a school that is safe and healthy for them to attend.

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