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When we think of cleaning in hospitals, we think of a multifaceted operation that focuses on repeatability and clean.  Disinfecting is an upmost importance along with documenting and following processes to help obtain and maintain medical certifications such as Joint Commissions gold certification (which we have helped two facilities obtain and many maintain).

If there is one building every citizen wants to trust is clean and disinfected, is a hospital. Healthcare facilities carry a considerable amount of responsibility, and maintaining a building that is safe for their patients and staff is one of their main duties.

People visiting a hospital for treatment or to see a loved one are already susceptible to the spread of infection, or being infected themselves. This is why it is key to make sure a proper cleaning system is in place for not just patient rooms and bathrooms but corridors, waiting rooms, and reception areas. The best way to do this is to hire a company that is equipped to handle the demands of healthcare facilities and is informed on the best practices for cross-contamination reduction and healthcare-associated infections.

Blink Facility Solutions has the experience and training to deliver a cleaning service that isn’t just surface deep. We have helped two facilities obtain, and many others maintain, medical certifications such as the Joint Commission’s Gold Certification. Our company will always meet the basic safety requirements, practice proper hygiene, understand and follow any specific signage and labels, and meet any safety procedures that your facility requires.

We ensure that all areas of your facility which we provide care will be left ready and suitable for their purpose.  We can work together to build a customized procedure that meets the needs of your staff and patients. We believe in the importance of a clean healthcare facility and have your patients’ best interest in mind at all times.

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