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Office Buildings

A good portion of Americans spend a third of their adult life in office spaces and often these spaces are only cleaned at a surface level. Blink Facility Solutions understands that each office space is different and therefore has different needs. We are ready to fit the needs of your company while ensuring that every area you have us clean will be disinfected and thoroughly sanitized.

Our company targets deeper dirt, allergens, and pathogens that can be easily overlooked. We can clean an entire building or just your employee work areas by vacuuming, disinfecting, sanitizing hotspots for germs and bacteria, and any other service area that meets your demands.

Employees deserve a work space that smells fresh, is clean, and free of germs. Want to see more productivity in your office or experience staff members who are eager and positive? Provide them with a work space they can take pride in and clean air they can breathe.

Hiring Blink Facility Solutions to care for your facility can increase your employee productivity, cut down on the spread of diseases ( meaning less sick days), provide a professional appearance, and guarantee quality cleaning that goes light-years beyond just dusting.

Not all commercial cleaning companies are made equal and Blink Facility Solutions is a company you can trust to get the job done and care about your staff and your company.

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