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Government Buildings

Government buildings often require special cleaning.  Buildings can be LEED certified, which require extremely green chemicals when cleaning.  Government employees are often long term and need to be supported and cared for during the cleaning process.  We are also well versed in creating and owning a scope of work and sticking to that scope.

Government buildings are always under public scrutiny. They hold a civic duty to serve and represent their community well, from the outside and the inside. What better way to do that than to provide a clean and safe environment for your visitors and your staff.

A clean and attractive building also gives your government workers a sense of pride and can have a positive impact on their productivity and how they treat their community. Government staff often receive a bad reputation because they are working under the close and stressful supervision of the public . There is a direct correlation between employee motivation and a clean working environment; with all the challenges government employees face, a dirty building should not be one of them.

There are many positives to working with a commercial cleaning company like Blink Facility Solutions, another one being that regularly cleaning and maintaining your building extends the life of your floors, furniture, equipment, etc. We know that government departments are constantly dealing with budget cuts, and not taking care of your building now could lead to larger expenses in the long run.

Whether it is a courthouse, a police station, an LEED certified building, etc., we are prepared to create a plan that works for your needs and that of your citizens. At Blink Facility Solutions, we deliver high quality work in a timely manner so you can get back to serving your community. Together we can create an environment that your citizens are proud to step into.

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