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Industrial Facilities

Industrial facilities can be extremely dirty (recycling centers) or must be maintained at an extremely high level (say cleanrooms for example).  One of our founders has a background in manufacturing engineering.  We know how to maintain these facilities at a high level.  We can help you maintain ISO certifications.  We can help you degrease extremely dirty facilities.

Whether it is a factory, warehouse, or any other type of industrial facility, you cannot hire just any cleaning company to maintain your space clean and safe.

Industrial facilities can carry excessive amounts of dirt and sometimes include hazardous areas that require a team with the right equipment and training to get the job done. Without proper equipment and care, your facility cannot run smoothly, compromising your daily operations and deadlines. An industrial facility that is not running smoothly is a facility that is losing money – making choosing your professional cleaning company a critical decision.

We can help make that an easier decision than you think. One of our founders here at Blink Facility Solutions has a background in manufacturing engineering. We know how to maintain your facilities at the highest level of cleanliness and understand ISO certifications. We will always work around your schedule and create a plan that meets your needs – we care about your daily operations and want to make sure you always stay productive. We are also aware that industrial facilities carry unique safety measures and we tailor our training to comply with your facilities requirements.

A clean facility does not just improve your productivity but will help keep your staff safe from accidents and potential illnesses. Cultivate a safe working environment in your facility with the help of Blink Facility Solutions.

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