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Religious Facilities

Places of worship are more than a building, they are a space of refuge – a place where many attend to feel safe, heard, and to be a part of a larger community and family. They also experience all kinds of foot traffic with youth groups, children’s bible studies, ministry gatherings, and so on. With ever-changing schedules and a community always ready to be welcomed in, it is essential for religious facilities to have a cleaning service that is professional, timely, and efficient.

Your congregation deserves a house of worship that is clean and disinfected – a clean that goes beyond wiping down and dusting. At Blink Facility Solutions, when we say clean, we mean sanitizing and disinfecting seats and pews, the children’s areas, entryways, bathrooms, hotspots for germs and bacteria, and any other area of your concern.

We understand that houses of worship depend on cleaning services that do not disrupt the daily functions of your congregation. That is why together we will work to create a cleaning schedule that meets the demands of your congregants and your facility. Flexibility is key and we are not afraid to work the hours no one else wants to. No matter the size and budget of your church, we tailor our services to your needs.

Every church is different and we acknowledge that. Blink Facility Solutions has been servicing religious facilities throughout North Carolina and South Carolina and with each opportunity we make sure to provide the cleaning techniques and quality service that each individual church deserves.

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